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Therapy Dog Training with 

Companion Paws 


If you are interested in getting a Therapy Dog or Certifying your own dog, contact Companion Paws Canada (CPC)

The Companion Paws program, assess and test 3 types of Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs;


Personal Therapy Dog (first program of its kind in Canada): A personal therapy dog (Companion Paws emotional support dog) is a trained, temperament tested, evaluated and certified dog that brings benefits to their owners/handlers that struggle with mental health conditions.


Assisted Therapy Dog: Assisted Therapy Dogs join their handler/owner (typically educators, teachers, psychologists, counsellors and doctors) at their workplace to help their students, clients, customers and/or patients.


Visiting Therapy Dog: Typically, Visiting Therapy Dogs visit hospitals, schools, hospices, nursing homes and more. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs are encouraged to interact with a variety of people while they are on-duty including petting the therapy dog.

Once you have completed the CPC process, they will contact me to provide any training or certification required. I am their Training Manager and Newfoundland's Companion Paws Representative. I understand the need for Therapy dogs in this province. So I am excited to be part of The Companion Paws Canada Family and The Lifeline Canada Foundation initiative.

We offer several dog training programs ranging from Service Dog Training, basic obedience training, The Canadian Canine Good Citizen (CCGC) Certificate, and more! 

Signal Service Dogs might be perfect for you! Contact us today and learn more about how Signal Service Dogs can help you.

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