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If you are interested in getting a Therapy Dog or Certifying your own dog, contact Companion Paws Canada (CPC)

The Companion Paws program, assess and test 3 types of Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs;


Personal Therapy Dog (first program of its kind in Canada): A personal therapy dog (Companion Paws emotional support dog) is a trained, temperament tested, evaluated and certified dog that brings benefits to their owners/handlers that struggle with mental health conditions.


Assisted Therapy Dog: Assisted Therapy Dogs join their handler/owner (typically educators, teachers, psychologists, counsellors and doctors) at their workplace to help their students, clients, customers and/or patients.


Visiting Therapy Dog: Typically, Visiting Therapy Dogs visit hospitals, schools, hospices, nursing homes and more. Unlike service dogs, therapy dogs are encouraged to interact with a variety of people while they are on-duty including petting the therapy dog.

Once you have completed the CPC process, they will contact me to provide any training or certification required. I am Newfoundland's Companion Paws Adjudicator and understand the need for Therapy dogs in this province. So I am excited to be part of The Companion Paws Canada Family and The Lifeline Canada Foundation initiative.



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