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Hi, I'm Natasha Pinsent

My Friends call me Tash

My Story


I am a professional engineer who in 2011 traded in the stress for an opportunity to work in a calm state of mind training dogs.

I volunteered for many years at the Ottawa Humane Society and in 2012 I was a founding member of "Sit With Me" rescue, which is now one of the largest all breed dog rescues in the Ottawa area.

Later that year my life was turned upside down and everything as I knew it came falling down around me! Not having any control of the situation and the profound impact it had, sent me spiraling into severe depression and a very dark place. I did my best to survive one day at a time, but after 3 years of silently suffering, my self loathing was at an all time high and I could no longer function or perform day to day tasks, so I flew to Newfoundland to be with my parents. This is where I was also diagnosed with PTSD, social anxiety and OCD.


I'm not going to lie, my journey has been long and treacherous! I even suffered a heart attack at the age of 42! I have looked emptiness in the face and have somehow kept moving forward.


Then I met a woman named Christy Talbert of Buckeye Service Dogs in Ohio and my life had a new purpose. One I hope to share with others.

Christy Talbert and 

Buckeye Service Dogs

It's nothing short of divine intervention how I met Christy and became inspired by what she does! I knew right away she was doing something I wanted to be part of and we became fast friends. After shadowing her in Newfoundland for a week, she invited me to Ohio to learn how she trains service dogs. It was unbelievable to see how these dogs worked and touched the lives of so many!


It awakened an exhilaration and sense of purpose within me! Christy has been an amazing mentor whose guidance helped give me the confidence to try this in Newfoundland.

BSD Lab Logo BW.jpg

My Resume

  • I am an ethical and balanced dog trainer

  • Volunteered 5 years at Ottawa Humane Society doing everything from behavioral assessments, walking dogs, to helping animals recover after surgery

  • Dog handler for professional photographer

  • Trained in Behavior Adjustment Training method- uses desensitization together with a functional reward for calm behavior

  • Worked as assistant to Vet Technicians at Bells Corners Animal Hospital

  • 2011 Certified as Professional Dog Trainer

  • 2012 Co-founded "Sit With Me" dog rescue in Ottawa. Was on the Board Of Directors for 3 years, fostered and trained dogs

  • Managed various Pet Food Stores

  • Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers Member

  • Worked in Doggy Daycare with big and small play groups

  • I have participated in and instructed Buckeye Service Dogs (BSD) Co-Train program

  • I have met with students and potential clients who had questions about the BSD Co-Train program

  • I have worked with a service dog and provided training to the the staff and young girls who were victims of sex trafficking that have taken refuge at Gracehaven in Ohio

  • I have worked with several young adults (and in some cases also their parents) that have mobility issues, learning disabilities, and psychiatric conditions; such as depression, PTSD, bi-polar disorder and more

  • Because of my own struggles, I have an empathy that helps me connect, understand and want to help

  • 2019 Completed Mental Health First Aid Training

  • 2020 Canadian Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • 2020 Adjudicator for Companion Paws, an organization dedicated to supporting Canadians in need of Therapy Dogs

  • 2020 Graduate of Buckeye Service Dogs "Co-Train Instructors Academy"

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